Task Force: 0 Pax et Virtus.




After a bit of discussion, the moderating team of Task Force 0 has come to the conclusion that we need to go back to our roots and start raiding the good old way. All raids will from now on work this way:
1. Member suggests a target
2. Staff approves and adds it to internal list
3. An announcement will be made with a date
4. After this announcement, everyone tries to take the target down. Pick your favorite way!
You can mass report, try to get Moderator or simply spam raid.
5. If the community is up after the deadline, a spam raid will commence.

This is the way it worked before the reformation and we are going back to our old principles. You may still raid on your own if you want to, but to raid in the groups name, you'll need to make a post asking for approval which a mod has to accept. Make sure your plans are not colliding with another member.

See you in the next update!